Nestable corrugated plastic U.S. postal totes custom sizes colors stackable files storage containers

Nestable corrugated plastic U.S. postal totes custom sizes colors stackable files storage containers
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      One of the most used and popular design would be Nestable Tote. 

      There are several million nestable Totes that have been purchased and used in a large variety of industries over the past two decades. For example Cosmetics, Laboratories, Automotive, Distribution, Warehousing, Farming, Parts Manufacturing, and Clothing Manufacturing and so on. The Paper Corrugated totes will need to be replaced a few times a year. The corrugated plastic containers are last 20 times longer compared to a paper one. The “nestable design” means about 70% body is stacked inside the next tote when they are stored. A steel wire frame is reinforcing and strengthening the tote by welded around the top portion of it. It is ideal for product handling, product storage.

What are the advantages of a Corrugated Plastic Container compare to Corrugated Paper boxes?

      The first benefit would be the durability of Corrugated Plastic Container over Paper Corrugated. Plastic Corrugated doesn’t mind high humidity environments and in the possible case of water damage, your Plastic Corrugated container will help prevent your papers from being damaged. Unlike paper corrugated our Plastic Corrugated Containers will not loose stacking strength in humid environments. And it is washable.

      Another benefit is that Plastic Corrugated is archive safe. Paper Corrugated contains acids that can damage documents and other delicate items like artwork. Plastic Corrugated is also beneficial in cleanroom applications as it does not have fiber dust like paper corrugated containers contain. It has been widely accepted by libraries, museums, banks, and government institutes.

      It has an unlimited shelf life and the ability to store your documents safely for years to come. Corrugated plastic container is a perfect alternative and actual upgrade to any paper corrugated container.

      We can customize colors, printings, sizes, and designs to meet all your requirements.


           WHY US?


           * Leading manufacturer with 20 years experiences

           * Sold tens of millions of containers

           * Professional team and services

           * Top quality and attractive price

           • Please note that all products will need to be manufactured at the time of order.
           • The sizes, designs and colors might be different for each customer, so please let us know your requirements and circumstances it will be used, we will give appropriate suggestions              based on our experience.
           • It normally takes 1-2 weeks for manufacturing "standard"products since we receive deposit.
           • For large quantity orders or complex printings and designs, please contact us for more details.
           • To choose PP extruded profile material or HDPE Laminated material, It depends on the project and design of your product. Both materials have their benefits and some deficits.




Q1: Frage mich, ob Sie kleine Bestellungen annehmen?

A1: Die Mindestbestellmenge beträgt 500 Stück. Bei kleinen Bestellungen ist das Porto jedoch möglicherweise nicht kostengünstig.

Q2: Können Sie Produkte in mein Land senden?

A2: Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Transport auf eigene Kosten erfolgt und im Voraus bezahlt werden muss.

Q3: Können Sie OEM für mich tun?

A3: Wir akzeptieren alle OEM-Bestellungen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen.

Q4: Was sind Ihre Zahlungsbedingungen?

A4: Bei T / T 50% Anzahlung im Voraus, Restbetrag 50% vor Versand.

Q5: Wie kann ich die Bestellung aufgeben?

A5:Wir beantworten Ihre Anfrage normalerweise innerhalb von 24 Stunden. Die Größen, Designs und Farben können für jeden Kunden unterschiedlich sein. Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Anforderungen und Umstände mit. Wir geben Ihnen entsprechende Vorschläge, die auf unseren Erfahrungen und Angeboten basieren.

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